In June of 2014, the original founders had a vision to create the most beautiful homes out of shipping containers.

The company launched officially in October 2014 with a unique show village consisting of 4 show units as well as works in progress.

Since then, the company has had its ups and downs. Some of our staff, partners and colleagues have left along the way.

In 2014 we set out to bring the term cargotecture into the housing markets in South Africa.  We since became the leaders of the shipping container revolution having been involved in some of the most beautiful shipping container conversions ever created.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t all a fairytale.  But some good had to come out of it.  This is our story.

All we see are possibilities

We see the future that is constructed from modular shipping container building blocks makeing up the future homes, restaurants, clinics, schools, shops, offices, creches, community centers and so much more

We can proudly say that we have the most advanced digital container showroom anywhere in the world.  We have spent years learning and evolving to bring you exactly what you want to see in the very best and beautiful of shipping container homes & structures and designs.


Containers are constructed off-site in our factory and transported to their final destination anywhere in the world for assembly and modular connection if required.


Containers can be converted into anything- private homes; offices; schools; malls; stores; medical facilities; childcare facilities; the list is endless….

Lead times

Containers are ready in record time


Shipping containers are cheaper than building with other materials in most cases. The overall saving translates to 35% cheaper than brick and mortar in most cases


Houses do not need a full concrete foundation provided the site is level, compacted and free of any obstructions.


We have incorporated our need for Sustainability into our products, with a range of options available to help save money while being kind to the environment

Off-site Construction

We can supply housing faster than most other methods. With most of the work being done in the factory, its a case of delivering, joining & connecting. Nothing could be simpler.

Portable Solutions

Homes and other solutions can be delivered almost anywhere locally or worldwide

Community Upliftment

Through our training programs, our staff are empowered with new skills and much needed upliftment

Shipping containers don’t just make great houses, they make great houses, offices, restaurants, ablutions, medical facilities, classrooms, childcare facilities or anything else you may need in a modular and movable form.


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